April 21st update

Hey there :wave:

Although we have never shared updates before because we were just a handful of people in a hacking mood and having casual chats, I think it starts to make sense to have a more structured an open way to share updates not just with the people on Slack but outsiders that might be interested in what’s going on in Tuist.

Please note that although users of Tuist are developers, they might not have context on Tuist’s internal so I’ll be speaking of Tuist as a product and not using internal terms.

Here’s what’s on the team’s plate for this week:

  • @marekfort is working on integrating signing into the project generation. The approach that we agreed on is:
    • If certificates and profiles exists in the Tuist/Signing directory, Tuist will validate them and add them to the user’s environment if they don’t exist already.
    • It’ll adjust the targets’ build settings accordingly to be able to sign the app.
  • We’ll work on overhauling the way we represent the dependencies graph internally. Thanks to it, we’ll minimize the amount of internal side effects, and make the implementation more deterministic. This is an inflection point in the architecture of the project, and is crucial to support all the future work that we are planning for the project.
  • We’ll adjust the release cadence to be weekly and automate it so that we can easily rotate the release captain every week.
  • We’ll define a framework for triaging issues and planning work. Despite past attempts to put a framework in place, it was unsuccessful because we couldn’t build the habit of doing planning and sharing updates periodically. I’ll give it another thought, and perhaps define a role that might act as the project manager. Having something like this is very useful for users to know what we are planning to work on next.
  • We are working on the building blocks for the 2 first cloud features: caching & insights. Before pushing the former, we’d like to revisit the graph model as mentioned above. In the meantime, we’ll add the client-code necessary to collect data from your builds and push them to the cloud. Stay tuned because you’ll be able to adopt this feature easily in your projects.

Moreover, I’m writing a very insightful blog post where I’m dumping my thoughts on why I think teams should use Tuist to scale up their projects. I expect to have a draft to share within a few days.

New contributors :tada:

I’d like to give a shout-out to @natanrolnik for his wonderful first contribution to Tuist, thanks to which users will be able to use typed APIs to set some common build settings. And also to Julian who is extending the tuist edit command to include all the manifests that are part of the project. That way you don’t have to be jumping between directories with cd before you can run tuist edit

Stay safe! :microbe:

Having said that, I hope all of you and your relatives are and stay safe. Be positive and take the opportunity to spend more time with yourself and your family.
…and if you decide to get into baking bread :baguette_bread:, I’m happy to send you some sourdough :upside_down_face: