April 27th update

Hola :wave:,

I’m trying to build a routine around publishing updates every week, even if there isn’t a lot to share. We are all devoting our free time to this project, and in my case, I’m not using Tuist in my day-to-day job so I’m mostly driven my motivation and the energy that the community has got with so many great people around.

2 weeks ago I had the idea of writing :memo: a blog post to convey the ideas behind Tuist that I believe make them a very good choice when scaling up projects. It takes me time to write these blog posts because I want them to have an inspirational tone, and I’m not inspired every day, so, I’ve been adding lines ocasionally since I had the idea. Today, I added the last lines and opened a PR for maintainers and contributors to review. I’m quite happy with how it turned out, and I can’t wait to share it publicly.

This morning, I also added a few changes to the PR that introduces a framework for planning work. I’m not sure if it’ll work out but I think it was needed and it can serve as a starting point that we can iterate on. The reason why I’m a bit skeptical about having a framework is because we are devoting our free-time to Tuist, and that means it’s hard to be diligent to a structured way of doing things.

Last week, we wrote up a proposal for turning our Graph model into a value type. This will allow us to make the generation of projects more deterministic and stable, and introduce optimizations that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. This is another inflection point in the evolution of the project’s architecture so your feedback is highly appreciated.

We also saw Kamil’s first contribution to the project, and Natan writing his first post for the blog. It’s exciting seeing people contributing to the project :hugs:!

What are we planning for this week? Now that we have a framework in place and that we are starting to follow it, you can check out the project on GitHub to know what we are planning to include in this Friday’s release.

With all of that being said, I wish you all a great week! :tada:

This is such a great post and helpful for those of us who want to convert our projects at work to Tuist, and need to explain to our colleagues why this is a positive change.

For the record, the blog post is live here:

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