Facing issue in installing Tuist

I executed “bash <(curl -Ls https://install.tuist.io)” command in terminal, and if I try to do “tuist init --platform ios” it says no command Tuist found. Please help me to fix this. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Manigandan!

It’d be helpful to know the output of running bash <(curl -Ls https://install.tuist.io). From my side it looks like everything should be working fine.

Am getting the bellow error :point_down:. Any way that we can confirm, Tuist installed in my bash.

That is weird, you can look at what the install command does by running curl -Ls https://install.tuist.io. You should definitely at least see Installing Tuist. Try to see if you do not have misconfigured bash. If that’s not the case, try running curl -LSs --output /tmp/tuistenv.zip https://storage.googleapis.com/tuist-releases/latest/tuistenv.zip and unzip tuistenv.zip and see if there is a tuist binary.

Thanks for the reply. Am not seeing anything like

Installing Tuist

after running

curl -Ls https://install.tuist.io

The installation script places the binary at:


So what I’d first check is if you are able to run the command /usr/local/bin/tuist. If that works, then it probably means that /usr/local/bin is not part of your environment’s $PATH variable. Could you confirm that?

Yes my environment $PATH contains :


But after executing

bash <(curl -Ls https://install.tuist.io)

Am not able to see tuist istalled in bin:


This is the actual installation script that we run:


curl -LSs --output /tmp/tuistenv.zip https://storage.googleapis.com/tuist-releases/latest/tuistenv.zip

echo "Installing Tuist"
unzip -o /tmp/tuistenv.zip -d /tmp/tuistenv > /dev/null
mv /tmp/tuistenv/tuistenv /usr/local/bin/tuist

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/tuist

rm -rf /tmp/tuistenv
rm /tmp/tuistenv.zip

echo "Tuist installed. Try running 'tuist'"
echo "Check out the documentation at https://docs.tuist.io"

Could you run each of the steps manually and see which one of those fails for you?

Thanks for your help. Actually I could able to install it now after running the script manually.

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