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Seeing all of you adopting Tuist and sharing more about your projects and team configuration, gave me the idea to extend our blog to include interviews to developers that are already using Tuist. A lot. of content that the community produces is around programming languages, architectures, and frameworks. However, there isn’t much content around the topic of app development at scale.

Here are some interesting topics that come to my mind that it’d be great to cover in those interviews:

  • How is your team structured and how is that represented in the architecture of your projects?
  • How is your continuous integration configuration and which solution do you use for it?
  • What are your biggest challenges when it comes to growing the project?

I’m thinking we could use some styling when listing the blog posts in the /blog page of the website to make it clear that those are interviews.

I think this is beneficial for other developers in the industry that wonder how large companies like Bloomberg, SoundCloud, or Houzz (to mention some), work at scale. Moreover, it’d help Tuist reach more people and get more users that might bring new ideas to move the project forward.

If that sounds interesting and you’d like to participate in sharing more insights about your team/project you can let me know on this topic. I’ll share the interview as a form that you can fill out.

I’ll be happy to help with an interview. I’m representing a 13-people startup so if that’s still interesting, please sign me up :+1:

That’s definitively interesting. I’m preparing the template interview so I’ll send it to you once it’s ready. Thanks for helping with this @sgrgrsn

Recently, we have started rocking microfeatures architecture, so if you feel like it’d be useful to others, I am always open to answer some questions :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for doing this, @pepibumur!

Will likely be interested in this, we’re working through some project generation flows still for the next couple weeks. We’re over 100 modules with 60-70 devs, so I assume that puts us on the upper end of project sizes on this. Will keep you updated.

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Some other ideas for questions:

  • What internal tools did you build that you are proud of?
  • How many engineers work on features and how many take care of the infrastructure of your projects?
  • If you have multiple apps, how do you share code between them and how do you use internal tools to automate repetitive processes?
  • What are the main challenges on your architecture when scaling?
  • What are your main challenges on developers tool when scaling?
  • What’s your cold start build time, and what are your plans to improve it
  • How many tests do you have and how are they split between unit/integration/ui. Which ones give you more confidence?
  • What kind of frameworks do you use for testing?
  • What’s your take on external dependencies?
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I’ve been doing some work on scaling mobile development the last couple of years at my company.

Australia is a bit of an isolated bubble so I interviewed a bunch of companies globally that I thought were doing this well (they weren’t public conversations so I haven’t written them up publicly).

A bit of an aggregation of that research plus things were doing at my company, I presented at a conference last year. Our thinking and maturity in this space has evolved a bit since then. Here’s a video of the talk, the audience wasn’t mobile devs so I don’t go much into the implementation

Would love to chat to people also working in this space. We’re not using Tuist yet, but I’m following with interest.

Hi @stewgleadow :wave: and nice to meet you.

It’s great seeing initiatives like yours collecting and sharing experiences with the industry. All of us have to go through similar challenges when our teams or projects grow, and it’s very useful having access to resources like your talk. This is what motivated me to include the “Apps at scale” section on the website.

Why don’t you join our Slack channel where there are more developers working on large-scale projects?

Also, I’d love to include your findings in an interview on our website. Would you be up for that? We could embed the video of your talk as well.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

H @pepibumur, I would be happy to help with the interview! I could share the experience with Tuist on behalf of Angry Nerds, a software development company from Poland. We’ve got a strong iOS team that really loves Tuist and works on quite a few interesting applications. Let me know how we could share our thoughts with you :slight_smile:

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Hey @agakuprianowicz :wave:,
I’m happy to hear that Angry Nerds is using it and that you are enjoying the experience. It’d be awesome if we could interview you for our “Apps at Scale” section of the website.

Would you mind joining our Slack and pinging @maria.jose? We’d need to know about the company and the type of apps you develop to prepare an interview for you to fill out.

By the way, you can join our Slack channel on

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