Marek Fořt Introduction 👋

Hi all!

My name is Marek Fort and I am super excited to be part of this community. Tuist is a great tool that has already taught me a lot from the contributions I have made, but it also helps me every day in my day job!

I first stumbled upon tuist when I was working on my Swift CLI tool tapestry and wanted to leverage tuist for integrating with different package managers - sadly, Swift Package Manager was missing at the time, but after offering my help, I was able to add support for SPM and I must say I was amazed by this tool. (it is really easy to get started :sweat_smile:)

A few months later I have lead the effort to start using at our workplace and the reactions have been extremely positive so far!

Right now I am working on scaffolding feature, so creating new feature framework will be a matter of running tuist scaffold feature --name MyFeature.

But there are so many other domains that tuist can help with, one that I am equally excited about is signing which is also WIP :construction_worker_man:

I am also grateful for the community that keeps growing around tuist and I am looking forward to meeting more interesting people! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s been great having the opportunity to collaborate with you in this exciting journey Marek!