May 9th update

Hola Tuistfolks! :wave:

It’s been a while without sharing an update, but here we are again. In this topic, I’m doing a brain-dump of everything that has happened in the last 2 weeks and some other thoughts that I have in mind.


  • @marekfort published a great blog post about how they are using Tuist. It’s great to see how they are leveraging helpers to codify define their own abstractions. Having content like this one on the internet is very useful for people that are considering adopting Tuist in their projects.
  • @natanrolnik announced on Twitter that Houzz is following a similar journey.
  • I started recording videos explaining different things about Tuist ― the first one is already up. In it, I talk about how to install Tuist, bootstrap a new project, and use the tuist edit and tuist focus commands. I plan continue recording videos explaining user features, and also explaining how to contribute to the project. If there’s any topic on which would like to see a video, don’t hesitate to reply to this topic with ideas.
  • We changed the way we read the Swift version to read it always from the system. This improvement will be available in the next version of Tuist.
  • @natanrolnik worked on improving the detection of the root directory, and also on adding support for defining the modulemap file of a target.

I’ll include the aforementioned improvements in a release that will go out on Monday 10th alongside a blog post.

Domain stewards
One idea that I’ve been pondering a lot lately is designating domain stewards. As the project grows, I think it’ll become necessary to have people that can make decisions on different areas of the project: user experience, project generation, graph, … In essence, people that the core team can trust to move all those areas forward and help land new contributions to the project and align them with the principles of Tuist. What do you think about the idea? Is there any domain that you’d like to be the steward of?

That’s all I wanted to say :grimacing:. I hope you all have a great weekend and talk to you again on Monday!

And I forgot to mention that I started working on implementing the new value graph. I expect this to take a lot of my time and energy for the next few weeks so feel free to ping me if you need my input on PRs and discussions. I’m very excited we are working on a new iteration of our graph which will unlock a whole new set of awesome features for users. If any of you is interested in contribute to this, let me know and we can figure out how to break down the work into smaller pieces that we can accomplish in parallel.

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