Tuist on Open Collective and soon on GitHub Sponsors

Hi there :wave:!

Tuist is possible thanks to the time those amazing contributors are devoting to the project. In my case, besides the time I’m also spending some money on the project. We don’t have significant costs but we make use of a few services:

  • Google Cloud Storage to store the release artifacts. We moved away from GitHub releases to prevent users from hitting API limits.
  • Netlify charges us when we exceed the limit of minutes that we have for free. We’ve been exceeding in the last few months.
  • DigitalOcean, where we have a running droplet hosting this community forum.
  • Route53, where we can the domain registered.

With the aim of sharing those costs with the companies and users that are using the project, I created a collective on Open Collective where we can get funds and report all the expenses that the project is having. I don’t have high expectations considering all the struggles open source projects have when it comes to financial support but who knows? If you are using Tuist, and love the features that we are adding to the project, as well as the content that we are sharing with the community financial support, would be a huge token of appreciation.

If the funds exceed the costs, we can brainstorm ideas on where we could spend that money. For example, we could organize a remote conference to talk about using Xcode at scale or support under-represented communities in our industry (just dumping some ideas).

I also submitted the organization to the GitHub Sponsors program indicating that we’d use Open Collective as a fiscal host. GitHub seems to have a thorough process for adding organizations to the program so we might not get it. Let’s see.

Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

Link to Open Collective