Unable to `tuist`

I’ve broken my environment somehow, but can’t figure what I’m holding wrong.

# From home directory / any directory without a .tuist-version
$ tuist version

However if I make a .tuist-version that has 1.9.0 in it, all tuist commands fail in an attempt to install it

$ mkdir test; cd test
$ echo "1.9.0" > .tuist-version
$ tuist version
Using version 1.9.0
 defined at /Users/petergoldsmith/test/.tuist-version
Version 1.9.0
 not found locally. Installing...
Pulling source code
Cloning into '/var/folders/vb/cqryrn993mn3bqrv13zg1ldh0000gn/T/TemporaryDirectory.HhfoJZ'...
Version 1.9.0
 not found

Hey Peter,

I’d try to delete the ~/.tuist/Versions directory, run the installation script from the documentation, and then try to run tuist again in a directory that contains a .tuist-version file.

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Yup that solved it. Any idea as to what the cause was, or how I ended up in that situation?

It is possible that you had an old version of tuist-env that did not support auto-updating itself. That old version was trying to install new versions using the source code, and this is something we have improved in recent versions of tuist-env. We’ll be able to get rid of these race conditions once we move to Nix for version management.

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